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DMS, One of the branches of huge archaic and renowned DAV tree is founded in the year 1979. For more than three decades of purposeful existence, DMS has been catering to the educational aspirations of youth of region. DMS as it stands today is largely due to the benevolent patronage of our honorable President Padam shri GP CHOPRA JI, a renowned scholar and peerless administration, an esteemed distinguished educationist. The school located in prime location having indelible mark amid Jalandhar.

DMS has always aimed at holistic approach and yielded efficient results in it. The school is having requisite and adequate infrastructure to meet the current requirements. The school has more than thousand students and well-knit modern facilities. The learning ambience of the school is tinged with vedic ideals and values. Every morning commences with the religious fragrance of yagya and recitation of mantras. The school has also been treading on the pathway of great visionaries like Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Mahatma Hans Raj and Mahatma Anand Swami Ji.

DMS being the forerunner of vedic culture and heritage revolves around the preamble “ASSTO MA SAD GAMAYA”. It emphasize the meaning:

                                                                                                          “LEAD, ME FROM LIE TO TRUTH
                                                                                                      LEAD ME FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT
                                                                                                   LEAD ME FROM DEATH TO IMMORTALITY”

Through this DMS has been trying to infuse real education imbibed with real knowledge of life among its students. Democratic setup and pragmatic approach are the two hallmarks of the school program. In lieu to this, many hands have woven the texture of our school making it a special one. We are proud to share here that the school is fully embedded with modern education system. The school is having excellent facilities and well equipped infrastructure including smart class rooms, Library and various labs for the empowerment of human intellect. Rather, it is for the constant pursuit of excellence. The school also have well qualified and professionally trained faculty. The faculty has been assisting whole heartedly in uplifting the stature of DMS family under the able guidance and flagship of the Principal.

Thus, school stands for excellence and high ideas. Students are encouraged to have a high level of self-reliance. So, school has always been patronizing the realistic intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and show empathy for the needs of others. The school has served generations of expatriate.We are waiting with extended arms, eager to walk hand in hand with all of you to nurture god’s most precious creation.

Keeping up pace with global knowledge and technology, the school has joined hands with British Council. Through this the school has tried to bridge of gap between Indian and International learners so that a global hub of knowledge can be established upon. It invariably has helped to vast the horizon of students’ knowledge. Under the umbrella of British Council the school is contributing effortlessly to be an active member of global learning. At our school we are committed to fully integrate global education suitable for all students seeking an International perspective to learning underpinned by the first class standards of robust International curriculum. We are proud to say that this International focus not only prepares children for the challenges of the modern world, competing on a global scale but also empowers a breath of critical thinking and an approach to learning that sets our students apart. International programs, information and policies have been applied so that positive and encouraging modifications can be done and followed dynamically.

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Dayanand Model School
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