Dayanand Model School
Model Town, Jalandhar
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Faculty List  
TeacherName Father/Spouse Name DOB DOJ Designation Trained/Untraind Permanent/Probation/Adhoc
Mrs. Rama Sharma Mr. Avinash Sharma 27.6.1959 4.8.1983 TGT Trained Permanent
Mrs. Rajni Bala Sharma Mr. Ashwani Kumar 15.3.1968 12.7.1995 PRT Trained Permanent
Mrs. Upasana Sahni Mr. Deepak Sahni 26.1.1969 19.7.1995 PRT Trained Permanent
Mrs. Neeru Pathak Mr. Sanjay Pathak 12.8.1966 15.7.1997 TGT Trained Permanent
Mrs. Rajni Kanta Sharma Mr. Pawan Sharma 24.08.1960 12.7.1994 PRT Trained Permanent
Mrs. Anupama Bakshi Mr. Munish Bakshi 20.9.1969 5.5.1998 PRT Trained Permanent
Mrs. Anju Sharma Mr. Bharat Sharma 11.10.1968 10.4.2004 PRT Trained Permanent
Mrs. Tejpreet Kaur Mr. Rishi Bhatia 21.2.1974 9.4.2004 PRT Trained Permanent
Mrs. Sunita Sharma Mr. H.C. Chamoli 2.6.1961 2.5.2005 PRT Trained Permanent
Mrs. Jyoti Sh. Vinod Kumar 5.11.1980 1.4.2008 PGT Trained Permanent
Mrs. Ashu Gupta Mr. Manjit Gupta 28.3.1980 12.7.2004 PRT Trained Permanent
Mrs. Kanchan Sharma Late Sh. Ajay Sharma 20.3.1963 1.4.2003 PRT Trained Permanent
Ms. Neeru Nagpal Sh. O.P. Nagpal 2.10.1981 1.4.2008 PRT Trained Permanent
Mrs. Ambika Sharma Sh. Kanav Rishi 17.12.1984 16.7.2013 TGT Trained Permanent
Mrs. Parminder Kaur Mr. Gurvinder Singh 28.9.1979 9.4.2013 PGT Trained Adhoc
Mr. Jiten Khurana Sh. Kamal Khurana 2.11.1989 16.7.2013 PGT Trained Adhoc
Dr. Parveen Sh. Surinder Pal Singh 29.9.1959 16.7.2015 PGT Trained Adhoc
Mr. Jatinder Kumar Sh. Parmanand Sharma 3.1.1980 16.7.2015 TGT Trained Adhoc
Mr. Bhupinderjit Singh Sh. Balwinder Singh 8.3.1983 9.4.2013 TGT Trained Adhoc
Mrs. Nisha Dosaj Gandhi Sh. Hitesh Gandhi 3.8.1986 16.7.2013 PRT Trained Adhoc
Mrs. Kamaljit Kaur Mr. Kulwinder Singh 19.4.1978 1.5.2016 PRT Trained Adhoc
Mrs. Meenakshi Aggarwal Mr. Varun Aggarwal 17.02.1984 12.7.2017 TGT Trained Adhoc
Mrs. Rupinder Kaur Mr. Satbir Singh Saini 5.12.1986 12.7.2017 TGT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Shaina Mehta Mr. Suresh Kumar Mehta 16.7.1987 1.11.2016 PRT Trained Adhoc
Mrs. Kulwinderjit Kaur Mr. Rajinder Pal Singh 17.3.1977 12.7.2017 PRT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Divya Sharma Mr. Ramesh Chander 21.1.1991 12.7.2017 PRT Trained Adhoc
Mr. Pranav Duggal Mr. Ashwani Duggal 07.06.1995 10.7.2018 PGT Trained Adhoc
Mr. Mohit Mittu Mr. Suraj Mittu 10.01.1997 26.7.2018 PGT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Vasudha Gautam Mr. Vijay Kumar 26.08.1993 10.7.2018 PGT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Jasheena Vinayak Mr. Rakesh Vinayak 22.07.1994 29.1.2018 TGT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Priya Mr. Sudesh Kumar 27.01.1994 10.7.2018 TGT Trained Adhoc
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Mr. Om Parkash 29.11.1981 29.1.2018 TGT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Shama Mr. Sandeep Kumar 20.06.1983 10.7.2018 TGT Trained Adhoc
Mr. Akash Sharma Mr. Harbalabh Dutt Sharma 25.06.1995 10.7.2018 TGT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Payal Sharma Mr. Vijay Sharma 07.09.1993 5.4.2018 PRT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Preeti Khosla Mr. Suraj Gill 21.06.1988 11.7.2018 PRT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Rimpy Sharma Mr. P.K. Sharma 16.01.1991 5.4.2018 PRT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Bhavna Mr. Ramesh Kumar 30.04.1994 10.7.2018 PRT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Manju Bala Mr. Anil Manchanda 31.12.1971 10.7.2018 PRT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Priyanka Khanna Mr. Ashok Kumar Khanna 19.08.1976 18.7.2018 PRT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Lipsy Mr. Hukam Singh 04.08.1992 1.10.2018 TGT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Shivani Mr. Ashok Kumar  26.09.1996 1.10.2018 PRT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Renuka Ram Gopal Lt. Mr. Ram Gopal 24.09.1974 6.10.2018 TGT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Jagiriti Sharda Mr. Gaurav Sharma 24.12.1984 1.2.2019 PRT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Aarti Mr. Sunil Chander 02.03.1989 1.2.2019 PRT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Shina Mr. Anil Kumar 19.05.1995 6.2.2019 PRT Trained Adhoc
Ms. Priya Mr. Yashpal 29.12.1994 7.2.2019 PGT Trained Adhoc