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Teachers Day Celebration 2022  

Teachers Day Celebration 2022


Dear Teachers ,

Your wisdom, dedication and kindness will always lead our students on the right path and inspire them to be better human beings.




निज धन के उपयोग से, जो करे लोक कल्याण। नित धन के उपयोग से, करे द्रव्य यज्ञ महान।। निज कर्मो को त्याग कर, ईश्वर में खो जाए। तपो यज्ञ उस आत्मा का, सर्व सफल हो जाए।।

The Dayanand Model School conducts an auspicious Yajna ceremony in the school campus on the Teachers day and to seek the prime blessings of the Almighty. Principal Shri Vinod Kumar Ji, all the teachers, admin staff members  marked their presence on this day.  ‘Aahutis’ were put in the Havan Kund while chanting the sacred mantras. Religious hymns sung by all the staff members created the ambiance of spirituality in the school. Hence, the Havan ceremony was performed religiously under the divine fervor and spirituality. Prasad was also distributed at the end.



The Influence of a good principal can never be erased” . The Senior staff Welcomed Principal Sir ,  Shri Vinod Kumar ji.




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